Thursday, May 20, 2004

My First Morning on the Jewel

This is my Boss (on the ship) Robert, but call him Bobby. (And the sheep call him Bhaaaby!, it is still funny.)When I woke up it was 8:30am (I got a whopping 4hrs of sleep) and I had to be in a meeting at 9am. I was lucky to wake up. I got ready and went to the conference room and I felt very tired. During the meeting JP shows up apparently he and Bruce and Robert (Bobby) were out till about 8am they went to three sisters and then got lost on the way back since there was such thick fog. Did I say these guys could party? I watch JP do training after the meeting from 9-12:30. Man what a trooper. He is really good and funny too. I drink a lot of coffee and orange juice. Posted by Hello

This is the IT Group outside of Three Sisters in Groningan

I met a lot of fun people from the IT group that night. These guys party hard! Posted by Hello

I arrive at the ship

He and another guy drove us to the ship and stopped at a shell on the way for something to drink. Once we got to the ship they took pictures of us for out ID cards (god I looked awful!) and got us checked in to our rooms we were then informed that we would have to leave the ship in two hours at 6pm since there was a black out. (I still haven't slept at this point) I check into my room get totally unpacked, moved in, and take a shower. I am on my bed counting my new monopoly money and Mohammad (the front desk guy) & Joe knock on my door and tell me that I have to change rooms and I only have 5 min to do it, since the ship is evacuating. So we run down the hall with my clothes draped over their arms (I am in heals) to my new room and I have to leave immediately to meet everyone out side. I forget to bring my ID and my jacket (lack of sleep). Now I have to figure out how to walk across a gangway riddled with holes in heals, lets just say I was getting laughed at and I hadn�t even been visible for more than 5mins. I find out that we are going go-cart racing at an indoor track down the road. It is so cool when we get there (remember I am in heals). The track is pretty complicated with tunnels and bridges. We sign up for the race and I have to wear a very smelly jump suit and drive in high heels but somehow I manage to race pretty well. I am all hopped up on RedBull and ready to go. My highest score placed was 7th. I had a lot of fun waving at everyone while I was driving. I can't believe that they let us drink and drive (I love this country). We also had a barbeque that we got to cook our own meat on the grill. Posted by Hello

Joe and I on the train sitting between cars anticipating our arrival

This is Joe. So we get to the college town of Groningen and start looking for who is going to pick us up. When we finally find a phone (we figure we are going to need to call a cab since we are late from the luggage incident) and are reading it to see if we can use it to call the ship (it is not in English, but come on we are both System's Engineers. How hard can it be to figure out how to use a phone right?), just then a guy walks up and asks us if we are going to Royal (he is wearing a RCCL jacket). He saw us wandering tired with our luggage and figured that we were the ones he was looking for. Thank God! Posted by Hello

Welcome to Europe!

When we departed the plane we went to get our luggage, we realized our luggage was missing when we noticed we were the only ones standing at the turn style (I was a little out of it from lack of sleep), but I really didn't care cause I was finally standing on foreign soil. We finally get our luggage about a half hour later and went to buy our tickets for the three-hour train ride we were about to take up to Groningen. I am now on the train writing this and I am taking some videos here and there. The weather is nice they said it is 50F out but it feels like 70F. It was raining now it seems to be clearing up.  Posted by Hello

It's Jaylene

Hello There, Welcome to my Blog. This couldn't come at a better time now that I have just made my first trip to Europe.

Oh the stories...and the secrets.

Anyway, I will try to take you on the trip with me as it happened. I will try to catch up to now and keep a record of my journeys. This is really for all of you out there that I have bought a postcard for and never dropped it in the mail. I have a whole stack of them piling up.

Feedback is always good to hear so let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can make this less narcissistic. I hope you enjoy!  Posted by Hello